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Seafood Nutrition Chart
U.S. Top 20 SeafoodsTotal CaloriesProteinCarbosTotal FatSat. FatOmega-3CholesterolSodium
3 oz., w/o skin
Blue Crab, steamed90190100.480310
Catfish, baked120190510.36065
Clam, steamed, 12 small130224200.26095
Cod, broiled90190100.15060
Flounder, baked100200100.45085
Haddock, baked90200100.26070
Halibut, broiled120220200.43060
Lobster, broiled100201100.1100320
Mackerel, Atlantic broiled19021012316095
Mackerel, Pacific & Jack broiled1902101231.66095
Ocean Perch, baked100200200.35080
Orange Roughy, broiled7016010NA2070
Oyster, steamed, 12 med.120127410.790190
Pollock, broiled100210100.58090
Rainbow Trout, broiled130220410.66030
Rockfish, baked100200200.44065
Salmon, Atlantic, baked150220711.65050
Salmon, Coho, baked150220710.95050
Scallop, broiled, 6 large or 14 small150292100.260275
Shrimp, boiled110220200.3160155
Sole, broiled10021010NA6090
Whiting, baked100190100.77075
NEW YORK SEAFOODSTotal CaloriesProteinCarbosTotal FatSat.
3 oz., w/o skin
Bluefish, baked130210510.86065
Cape Shark, baked190183921.870100
Herring, broiled1701901021.76095
Monkfish, baked8015020NA3020
Mussels, steamed150206410.750310
Porgy (Scup), baked1202103NANANA45
Sea Bass, baked100200210.64070
Sea Trout, baked120181510.49060
Shad, broiled21018015NANANA55
Shark, Baked14022051NA5085
Smelt, baked100190210.88060
Squid, fried150157620.5220260
Striped Bass, baked110190310.89075
Swordfish, broiled130210410.740110
Tilefish, broiled130210410.8NA50
Fresh Tuna, Yellowfin, broiled120250100.25040
Whitefish, baked140201611.46055

* = Contains less than 2% of Daily Value

NA = Not Available

Serving Size: 3 oz. cooked portion-skinless, broiled, grilled, baked, microwaved, boiled, or steamed without additional fat, sodium or sauces.

Data Source: Nutrition Labeling Data for Top 20 U.S. Seafoods Provided by the Food and Drug Administration. Data developed by Food Marketing Institute and National Fisheries Institute in cooperation with National Grocers Association and National-American Wholesale Grocers' Association. 1992

New York Seafood and Omega-3 data from Seafood Savvy, NY Sea Grant/Cornell Cooperative Extension Bulletin 104IB226, 1992 and USDA Handbook 8-15, 1987

Produced by New York Sea Grant and NEW YORK SEAFOOD COUNCIL, 1995

VALUES FOR ALASKA WILD SALMON - 3 oz. (85 g) cooked, edible portion

 CaloriesProtein (g)Fat (g)Saturated Fat (g)Sodium (mg)Cholesterol (mg)*
KING (Chinook)196-20021-2211-11.5350-5570-75
SOCKEYE (Red)180-19023-249-9.51.550-5560-70
COHO (Silver)157-16523-246-71-245-5540-49
CHUM (Keta)130-13522-234150-5580-85

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Human Nutrition Information Service, USDA Handbook 8-15

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